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This page is currently under construction; more athlete profiles coming soon!


Bryan Wallace

The current president is a junior working on his Bachelor of Science degree. He is majoring in Physics

and working on a double minor in Mathematics and Leadership. The native of Monroe, Michigan got

into the sport upon entering into college. With only a background in soccer, the run is Bryan's best of the

three disciplines. Since becoming infatuated with the sport, he has completed over 15 races. "My favorite 

race I did was the Rocketman Triathlon in Cape Canaveral, Florida. During the bike, we were able to ride out to Kennedy Space Center and see the launchpads as well as the Vehicle Assembly Building." (pictured left)

Kirsti King 

The current vice president is a sophomore and Human Resources Management major. Kirsti is from Grand Haven, Michigan and was introduced to the sport her junior year of high school. She decided to take the triathlon training course offered at her school and quickly learned it was something she wanted to continue. Kirsti was involved in her high school cross country and track programs, making the run her favorite discipline. Since Kirsti has been involved in the sport, she has competed in several outdoor and indoor races and is excited to keep competing.