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The Triathlon Club at CMU was created in September of 2009. It strives to bring the university community's endurance athletes together to compete in a variety of triathlon races, with distances ranging from sprints to Ironman distance events; however, members can also train for single or two-discipline races, such as running races (from 5k to marathons), cycling races, duathlons, or open water swims. Together, we will coordinate meaningful workouts to help one another excel in the disciplines of swimming, biking, and running.

 Pictured: the CMU Tri Club @ the Spartan Sprint!

CMU Triathlon stands for more than just swimming, biking, and running; this is a fun club where we can all enjoy the camaraderie of people with similar interests, both at practices/races and at our social events throughout the year. No previous experience is required! We gladly welcome people of all skill levels!